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Rent Smart Wales

Welsh property Team members are proudly trained, certified and works closely with Rent Smart Wales

What is Rent Smart Wales?

Rent Smart Wales is responsible for landlord and rental property registration and licensing of landlords and agents.

The goal is to improve property standards, management practices and relationships between landlords, agents and tenants. This will ultimately lead to more confidence in the private rented sector and better experiences for all those with a stake in it. This is being achieved by providing landlords and agents with regular information and training in a range of formats, acting on intelligence from tenants and advice agencies, referring matters to other relevant bodies and taking enforcement action where needed.

What is your landlord or agent required to do?

Landlords and agents have a duty to comply with the Housing (Wales) Act 2014.

Under this legislation:

  • Landlords are required to register both themselves and any rental property they own. Those responsible for letting and/or management activities (self-managing landlords) will need to apply for a licence.
  • Agents are required to apply for a licence, allowing them to conduct letting and/or management activities on behalf of others. Agents are not required to register.

You can check if your landlord or agent is compliant anonymously by using our public register here.

Your responsibilities

Don’t forget, as a tenant you have responsibilities too.

The Rent Smart Wales Tenant Guide is invaluable to anyone currently renting or looking for a house or flat to rent. It provides a comprehensive list of your rights and responsibilities at every milestone in your tenancy.

Download the Tenant Guide here.

Seeking help

We understand that tenants can face a range of issues when living in rental property. Some matters can be directly resolved by the landlord responding appropriately and in a timely manner. However, at times, help will be needed from elsewhere and where to go for this can sometimes be daunting. Set out below is a table which summarises some of the key support organisations and their main area of focus.

If you can’t find what you need, please contact Rent Smart Wales.